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Gun enthusiasts worldwide share one problem in common: the best gun vise for their precious collection of guns.


Improper storage of guns not only downgrades the look of the guns but also affects their performance negatively. Choosing the best gun vise and maintenance center is essential in ensuring longevity in a gun’s life span. 


A lot of people tend to use bench vises for cleaning their firearms. However, a bench vise is not the optimum device for this purpose, given its sharp edges and rough surfaces might cause scratches on the gun body. That is where the maintenance center wins the medal.


When looking for the best gun vise and maintenance center, you need to be paying attention to the material used in making the gun vise. You don’t want a piece of flimsy plastic holding your dear rifle, for sure. On the other hand, it should be easy enough to lock in your rifle to the vise as well.


With all of that in mind, it can get pretty frustrating and confusing to go through the many options available in the market today. So how would you choose the best gun vise for your firearms? We are here to make that job easy for you.


After intensive research of all the various products available in the market (the popular ones and the hidden gems), we bring you a list of the best gun vise that you can opt for.

Things to Consider

Before we dive headfirst into the list, it is essential to understand the parameters we used for shortlisting the many products available. 


To ensure you that we are entirely unbiased, here are the parameters that we considered for judging the products:


  • The material used in making the gun vise

The material is an essential aspect while looking for the maintenance center. You don’t want your product damaged with a couple of uses. Hence, paying attention to the material should be a priority.

  • Versatility

You would want a product that can be easily used to support various firearms and not just one specific one. So we complied with your wishes.

  • Outer surface

The product’s outer surface needs to be of high quality for preserving both the bun vise and the gun itself (pretty sure you don’t want your weapons damaged).

  • And of course, the price.

The price of the product is a concern while buying just about anything. We made sure to include some of the best gun vises with a range of price tags.


Rest assured that all the products listed below are nothing lesser than the best and adhere to our judging parameters!


Time to get to our list of the best gun vise and maintenance center available in the market:

MTM GV-30 Gun Vise Cleaning Maintenance Center






So if you are low on cash or just trying to be on a budget, you know which gun vise to use. What is the best aspect of this gun vise? Its price. It is undoubtedly the best maintenance center under $40.


 The body is made of plastic, but not just ANY plastic. It’s made of polypropylene, which is a very high-strength plastic compound. This ensures a high-quality, rugged frame that won’t go out without a fight. 


This gun vise also comes with surprisingly strong clamps to hold your gun in place. People who have already used this vise have reported extreme ease in securing their firearms to this gun vise. Also, once confirmed, your firearm is not going to budge even an inch. Brownie points to the clamp. The legs also come with rubber edges, restricting any slips or skids. According to the user’s need, the gun vise can be used as a standalone product or can be bolted down.


Additionally, the gun vise features a tray for cleaning parts, consisting of 11 compartments and 21 brush holders (all of them molded in the frame itself.). The tray has enough room for all your cleaning supplies. 


This would be helpful if you are clumsy with your cleaning kit (like I am). It does keep it all organized and in one place.


As far as the compatible firearms are concerned, like any other gun vise and maintenance center, this one is also designed to support all rifles and shotguns. Then again, every product is biased towards a particular category. This gun vise here works best for rifles and shotguns that are 28″ in length or longer. However, it wouldn’t be much of an issue if you want to use the gun vise for a shorter rifle or shotgun.


With so many features making it one of the best gun vise and maintenance centers in the market today, there is only one drawback. It doesn’t come with a user guide. But that problem can be solved as well if you go to YouTube. You can find plenty of instruction videos to use this product (which isn’t very difficult to use anyway).


This gun vise is an inexpensive and reliable solution to your gun cleaning problems.


   2.Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

Another name on our list is Hyskore Cleaning and Sighting Vise. The most attractive feature of this gun vise that brings it to our list is the material used in building its frame. Unlike most of the other gun vises that use hardened plastic for their body, this body of this product is nearly 90% tubular steel, welded together.


 What are the benefits? Well, for one, it gives steadier support to your firearm, minimizing the risk of damage to either the gun or the gun vise. This does add a little weight to the product, but it doesn’t become much of a problem for the users.


The only plastic in the product is used for the cleaning tray, which is meant to store the cleaning kit you use. This is probably the only thing about this gun vise we didn’t like. But a body with 90% steel and only a cleaning tray of plastic is still acceptable. The tray has seven slots to hold your complete cleaning kit. 


The vise is designed in a way so that just about any firearm can be secured on its clamps for cleaning. The design also includes a slot on one side for holding the cleaning rods! So plus points to the plan! The gun vise can also be used as a stand for mounting a scope to your firearm.


The name might make you feel that it is a shooting vise as well. However, users around the world do not suggest using this as a shooting vise to prevent your firearms from getting damaged. Otherwise, it is one of the best gun vise and maintenance centers out there.


3.Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise

Tipton is a popular name in the world of gun vises, and this product is one of its kind.

It. Again a slightly expensive product, but it does justify its price. 

The entire body is made up of steel tubes welded with one another. So your firearms are in safe hands (or clamps). The framework is very sturdy, and none of its four legs is going to slip even the tiniest bit. 


The clamps have a glass-filled, nylon construction to ensure maximum support and safety to your firearms. The adjustable clamps allow you to use the gun vise for a range of different guns. Rifles, break-open shotguns, muzzleloaders, and handguns, this gun vise works for all of them. If you also have an archer side to you, you can use this gun vise for your crossbows and compound bows as well.


The gun vise can be adjusted to be used for all the maintenance of all of your firearms. It is the one gun vise you need, attached to your workbench, to assist you in all your gun maintenance practices.


The great versatility of this gun vise is what brought it to our list of the best gun vise and maintenance centers.


4.Tipton 181181 Best Gun Vise

Another excellent product by Tipton is a lower version of the previous gun vise but works quite well itself. It is one of the most sought-after gun vises on the market due to its durability and lower price.


The central channel is made up of aluminum so that the harsh chemicals used in cleaning do not harm the gun vise. The track is supported by a sturdy body that holds your firearms in place. The clamps are padded, so no marring to your guns. Once secured, the hold is pretty sturdy for all your cleaning. The clamps can be adjusted to hold rifles and shotguns and give easy access to all gun parts. 


It is lightweight, so it can easily be carried around.

The only setback of this product is that it is made up of plastic, which many users might find displeasing. However, the plastic body is still tough enough to hold your firearms in place, even during heavy-duty cleaning sessions.


This product might not be the best gun vise and maintenance center available today, but it indeed does its job at an affordable price.


5.Lyman 7832250 Revolution Gun Vise

The feature that sets this gun vise apart from its competitors is rotating it for the user’s ease. That’s right! It is one of the very few rotating gun vises available in the market. This feature is one of the main reasons we have it on our list of the best maintenance centers. The rotating vise helps get the cleaning done faster, with easy access to every nook of the gun secured on it.


The clamps are padded and are strong enough to restrict any movement of your firearms while cleaning. The great design makes the product very easy to use, even for beginners. 

Once attached to your workbench, the product can withstand vigorous cleaning sessions. 

Moreover, the adjustable clamps help in loading all sorts of firearms of all lengths and makes. This adds to the product’s versatility, adding to its value in our list of the best gun vise. A spacious plastic tray is included in the design to hold your cleaning kit. This tray can even be detached from the vise if need be. 


This vise won’t disappoint you, for its price and features. Indeed one to be considered while looking for the best.


6.Tipton Compact Range Vise 282282

Like I already mentioned, Tipton is a famous brand when it comes to gun vises. This third product on our list of best gun vise and maintenance centers only goes on to prove its worth.

This gun vise is more miniature in size than the other products on this list (a cute one indeed!). That being said, it doesn’t go low on performance.


Although it can be sized up to be 2.75″ tall, 11.25″ long, and is 5.5″ wide itself, it can be expanded anywhere from 11.25″ to 17.75″, as per the user’s requirement. It supports an extensive range of firearms with varying sizes. So the scope of this gun vise doesn’t become a problem at all—a small but helpful product.


This is especially the top choice for people who travel a lot. Campers and people living in mobile homes find this product very suitable, given its small size. It fits just about anywhere.

The rigid, solvent-resistant nylon body and non-marring surface ensure durability. The clamps come with rubber grips for protecting your firearms from any scratches.


The versatility, durability, and compact size of this product make it one of the gun vises you can get. 

7.P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest Gun Vise Attachment Conversion Kit

If you happen to own the P3 ultimate shooting rest already, you’d like this product the most. The newer models of the shooting rest have started, including the gun vise as well. However, if you own the older version, this attachment is going to complete your set.

The gun vise is compatible with a wide variety of firearms, from something as small as a pistol to longer firearms like rifles. The design is well suited for holding them all! You can adjust the clamps to fit guns of varying lengths.


Speaking of clamps, you don’t have to worry about scratching or denting your firearms’ body. This is due to the very comfortable clamps that are covered with PVC foam. Despite the softness, you can be very sure of your guns staying in place once secured to the clamp.

The body is highly durable and is made of steel with a high-quality e-coat finish. You can use the product for years without worrying about the degradation in its quality.


Despite all of those beautiful features, you must remember that this is an add-on and should not be used as a standalone product. While it is a top choice for experienced shooters, it might not be the best gun vise and maintenance center for the newbies.


8.CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

A true all-in-one, this gun vise from CTK Precision is the best gun vise and maintenance center you can get at the moment. It is priced a little on the expensive side, but it is worth it when you look at its features.


The thing about this gun vise that distinguishes it from the rest is its rock-solid body! It is made up of heavy-duty steel, with a durable e-coat finish, both inside and out. 


The clamps are robust, and your firearms are not going anywhere once secured to the clamps. The clamps’ padding ensures that your guns do not have to face any physical damage while getting a cleanse.


This gun vise also comes with a shooting rest attachment, and you can quickly convert your cleaning vise to a shooting rest. Moreover, a pistol post-add-on for laser grip pistols and short barrel revolvers (like I said, a true all-in-one!)


CTK Precision’s YouTube videos are an excellent help for assembling this fantastic product, so no worries on that part as well.


The best gun vise and maintenance center, this product is worth the investment.


Final Words


In our list of the best gun vise and maintenance centers, the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is the best choice. In terms of being value for price and being the best at its job, the gun vise takes the crown. However, if you do not wish to spend that huge amount on a gun vise, you can go through the other products list. Whatever your requirements, at least one of the products should fulfill them all.


With that, you must remember that a gun vise is NOT a shooting vise and should be used for that purpose. A gun vise is an essential part of any shooter’s life for taking care of his firearms. We hope you find our list of the best gun vise and maintenance valuable center while looking for that essential part.


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