How to Organize a Gun Safe?

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small gun safe. If you don’t store all your guns properly, then you’ll not be able to store them properly. Most of the time, having a disorganized gun safe will look cluttered and cause issues while keeping or taking out the guns. We’ve observed that the people having a huge collection of guns have a big gun safe, but the organization of the guns is not appropriate.

Not organizing and storing the guns is harmful, as it may cause scratches on your expensive guns. That’s why it’s advised to organize the safe properly and arrange the guns accordingly for easy access. After decluttering the gun safe, you’ll find that the safe has a lot of space to accommodate more guns and other accessories. It’s all about the arrangement of the guns.

Well, the decluttering or the organization process is tedious for some people. That’s why we are share a guide on organizing a gun safe, which will help you take proper steps. All you have to do is clean the gun safe first and then follow the tips to organize all the guns properly for a clean look and easy access.

Why do You Need to Organize a Gun Safe?‚Äč

An unorganized gun safe is not good for your guns. It’s pretty unsafe and also causes damage to the guns in the long run. If you store your guns without taking proper care, then the barrels may get scratched, and it’ll be harder for you to get the appropriate gun when you are in dire need. As the gun safes have a lot of storage space, you have the liberty to store them properly. Here are a few steps and ideas to organize a gun safe for easy access and enhanced safety.

How to Organize a Gun Safe

#1 - Declutter Everything

The first step to start the gun safe’s proper organization is to remove all the guns in a safe space. Don’t forget to remove the bullets and other accessories like the silencers, etc.; once removed, you’ll understand how much space you have to properly organize the guns. Decluttering helps you to get the idea of the space and also to plan out the storage of the big guns, handguns, and also the necessary accessories for easy access.

#2 - Pistol Hooks

Pistol hooks are just like cloth hangers but designed for pistols. You can easily hang the pistols by sticking the barrels. Pistol hooks should be attached on the top side of the safe to make them hang properly. Once done, you will have the space for storing a few pistols easily. There are a variety of pistol hooks in the market according to your needs. Some have rubber coating ends, which makes it easier to safely store the guns without scratching the inside part of the barrel. While organizing the safe, you should always attach the pistol hooks and hang the pistols to ease the further process.

#3 - Magazine Magnets

Each gun will require multiple magazines. You might have some fully loaded and some empty magazines. To store the magazines, you will need the magazine magnets. These are the special magnets that have one plastic coating and also the adhesive tape. The adhesive tape will stick to the gun-safe surface. The magazines will attach to the magnet safely, and the rubber coating will prevent any scratches to the same. It’s one of the must-have accessories to organize a gun safe with precision. If you have the storage pouch inside the gun safe door, you can skip using the magazine magnets.

#4 - Rifle Rods

Every person who has a well-organized safe uses the Rifle rods. For big rifles like shotguns and others, using rifle rods to keep them straight and in an organized manner is highly essential. The rifles intends to be kept in a vertical position. So, it’ll be easy to store them without scratching the barrels of your expensive rifles. You can attach the one end of the rifle rods to the top of the gun safe. The top part of the rifle rods has Velcro padding, making it stick easily to the gun-safe surface. Some of the rifle rods come with adhesive tape.

You can insert the other end of the rifling rod into the rifles’ barrel to keep them in the vertical position. Proper spacing between the two rifles is essential in this case. While buying the rifle rods, make sure they are made with flexible plastic, which is durable. If you find the steel rods, then make sure they have the plastic coating, which will not cause any damage inside the rifle barrels.

#5 - Adjustable Shelves

Most of the guns safe don’t have anything inside them. So, buying the adjustable shelves will help store multiple guns by properly dividing the available space. You can adjust the shelves according to your needs and can store a lot more accessories with ease. Most of the gun-safe manufacturers provide removable shelves that you can remove and adust later accordingly.

Final Words

Just like we declutter the office desk for increased productivity, cleaning the gun safe and organizing it properly is highly essential. Unfortunately, most people in the United States don’t know the importance or the ways to organize a gun safe. This causes a lot of guns to have scratches on the exterior and even the interior.

Also, having a cluttered gun safe will cause it extremely tedious to get the guns in case of emergency. So, the best thing you can do is to organize the safe and keep it clean. In this post, we shared our knowledge of organizing a gun safe correctly. All you have to do is to follow the tips and adjust all of the guns properly to make space for new guns, improve accessibility and safely keep them.

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