Best Ways to Store Guns Without a Safe in your House

The Federal Government has allowed all American Citizens to own a gun for personal safety. Well, it’s perfectly safe to handle a gun if you are trained. But keeping it without any protection is harmful. With the kids or teenagers getting fancied with firearms, there may be some unfortunate accidents if you keep the gun without any safety.


Storing guns in the open, like on a table, in the car, or without securing the same is very harmful. You should learn the best ways to store guns without a safe. Not everyone can afford a gun safe to keep firearms safe from others. Fortunately, human imagination and adaptability have no end. With multiple options, you can store guns without a safe in your house.


If you have kids or pets or even teenagers in the house, you should keep your guns in a safer place. You have to take care of the safety and easy access before storing guns. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything. We will help you to store guns without a safe in your house or even the office.

Risk factors of Not Securing your Firearms

Firearms are very dangerous if they are in the hands of untrained people. Be it the kids, family members, or most dangerously, the thieves; it’ll be very harmful. Not securing your firearms like guns and rifles will cause serious harm to anyone, even yourself.


Thieves are very smart, and they know the nominal places that you might keep the firearms. Be it the under-desk drawer, cupboards, almirahs, and whatnot. That’s why choosing the right place which is not usual is essential.


Well, we have some great ideas where you can store firearms without a case—no need to purchase an expensive gun safe. There are many ways to store firearms without a safe.

Ways to Store Guns Safely Without a Safe

Using a Trigger Lock

A trigger lock is a built-in mechanism on the firearms, which prevents people from pulling the trigger. The gun only works when the trigger is pulled. But with the trigger lock mechanism, no one can pull the trigger to fire the bullets. A trigger lock is one of the first things you should act on your firearm. Almost all modern firearms, including pistols, rifles, revolvers, and shotguns, have the trigger-lock mechanism.

When you have done using the firearm for training or safety reasons, you should activate the trigger lock. Some older guns do not come with the trigger lock mechanism. For such firearms, you’ll find external gun-locks, which lock the trigger.

Use Gun Display Cabinet

If you have many antique guns in your house, then using the Gun display cabinet is the safest idea. These display cabinets come with bullet-proof glass. As it’s transparent, you can use it as a showcase. The glass wall cabinets are made with bulletproof and shatterproof glass. So, no one can break in and steal or access the guns. It’s only suitable if you are an antique firearms collector. If you want to access it in an emergency, such cabinets will not be suitable for your requirements.

Wall Mounted Lock

For the bigger firearms like Shotguns and sniper rifles, the wall-mounted locks are the better option. These locks are very popular in the country. They are effective and affordable at the same time. You have to keep the gun in the vertical position and then lock the same. This will cover the gun’s trigger and help you keep the gun safe from the children and pets.


Don’t worry; you’ll find it easier to access the gun with the special lock release mechanism. Some wall-mounted firearms locks come with the biometric unlocking system, which helps you access the gun in an emergency with your fingerprint. This helps you to keep the gun safe and also access it easily in an emergency. The wall-mounted locks are available for almost all firearms, including the Pistols like Glock-18.

Moisture-Less Bag

For keeping the gun safe from environmental factors, moisture-less plastic bags are the best. If you don’t have any risk of children, pets, or intruders getting access to the guns, then you should use moisture-less bags or gun storage bags. Such bags don’t provide any safety to the user, but they will keep the firearms in good condition. When you don’t use the firearms for a long time, it’ll cause rust formation. In such cases, you should use the gun storage bag and then keep the firearms in a safe place. Make sure you have no imminent threats for the guns; otherwise, this way to store guns without a case will be harmful.

Keep Bullets Separately

A Gun or any other firearm is useless if there are no bullets or ammunition. Without the ammunition, a gun is nothing but an excellent piece of engineering. So, the best way to store a gun without a safe is to remove all the bullets and store them somewhere else. Usually, a locker in your cupboard where you store all your essential documents and jewelry will be useful in this case. You should take out all of the bullets from the guns and store them away from the gun itself.



Also, make sure to remove the bullets from the barrel itself, otherwise, the gun will still have a bullet, and it’ll be harmful. This method is kind of impractical in case of emergencies. If you are a gun lover and want to keep them for showcase and don’t use them often, keeping bullets safely is ideal. It’s a practically free method to safely store a gun in your house or office.

False Wall Storage

Well, the False wall store is an ideal option to store guns without a safe. But it’s pretty expensive to carve out the wall and make a storage space there. This is one of the only options you cannot do yourself unless you are an architect. To build False wall storage, you need to hire an architect and engineer to design the wall storage. The engineer and architect will design the same considering the architecture of the house.


Once done, you can camouflage it with the big wall painting or the bookshelf. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to store multiple guns, but it hampers accessibility. In case of emergency, it’ll be tedious to access the in-wall storage and get the hands-on your guns. Not just that, it’s pretty expensive to get one in your house. Nonetheless, false wall storage is the best option for those who want to store multiple guns secretly.

Final Words

Unauthorized gun access and gun accidents is a major issue in the United States of America. Gun control laws will not solve it but may worsen the same. To prevent such issues with uncontrolled gun access, people have to store the guns safely in their houses. With no access to the intruders or the children, hazardous situations will not arise. Fortunately, there are millions of people caring about gun safety, and that’s why we’ve listed these best ways to store guns without a safe. There is no doubt that the special gun safe will attract the eyes of everyone. That’s why you should opt for the other better options to keep the guns safe from the hands of children and intruders without risking accessibility in case of emergencies.


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